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ECOJET | sucking, blowing, cooling and transport

The ECOJET conveying air nozzles is a wing and motorless pressure jet nozzle without moving parts and therefore virtually maintenance free. Ideal for use in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paint and food industry ranges, the ECOJET power spectrum from inflation and deflation of sucking, cooling, drying, transporting and pumping up for spraying and misting.

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ECOSTRIP| For cooling and drying of large areas

The ECOSTRIP generates a laminar flow air curtain on a straight line. Thus it is ideally suited for cooling and drying of objects with broad surfaces. Also, the linear air flow can be used as a vehicle to transport tapes or roads. Another application is in the EcoStrip agitators or open, non-pressure systems for liquid repellency of a distraction as well as splashes of toxic gases in terms of a protective window.

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ECOMIZER | Drying and cooling to the point

The ECOMIZER nozzle produces a localized air flow. The ECOMIZER is ideal for cooling and drying and blowing of objects and components. The air consumption is compared to the ECOMIZER free-flowing jet with the same blowing volume by 40% lower. A special feature is the much lower noise. Depending on the supply pressure of the average emission level is below 73 dBA.
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Suitable for loading and venting, vacuuming, freezing, drying, conveying, spraying and fogging of flammable and non combustible dusts and gases in the automotive, chemical, petrochemical, paint and food industries.

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